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Scentos and ShopScentos.com Who We Are and About Us

About Us

In 2009, WeVeel launched Scentos® - a new brand combining fun coloring activities, awesome scents, and quirky characters. We started with just a single scented marker, and now we’ve created hundreds of scented products for kids and adults alike! Our products and scents are designed right here in picturesque Bucks County PA, right in the USA, by a small team of creatives, makers, and parents looking to make the best products we can make... for your families and students, and ours.

All our scented products feature innovative scent technologies that are independently tested to ensure product quality and safety, and adhere to the highest US and international safety standards. We constantly aim for high sustainability and safety in our products and packaging. Trusted by parents and teachers all around the world, our products use only non-toxic allergen-friendly fragrances.

Meet the team below!

WeVeel Scentos and ShopScentos.com Executive Team Who We Are About Us

Executive Team

Valerie Marderosian - Chief Executive Officer
Jessica Kubinski - EVP Sales and Marketing
Doug Bixler - General Manager
Danny Kwok - EVP Operations
Fen Bai - Director of Finance

WeVeel Scentos and ShopScentos.com Leadership Team About Us Who We Are

Leadership Team

Trish Chornobroff - SVP Product Management and Sales
Kyle Cittadino - VP Product Development
Scott Uresse - VP Sales, North America
Tiz Recchia - Creative Director
Amy Houser-Curley - Creative Director

WeVeel Scentos and ShopScentos.com Dream Team About Us Who We Are

The Dream Team

Craig Bates - E-Commerce Manager
Jill Crane - Product Manager
Jess Cutler - Production Designer
Kelly DeNaples - Marketing Design Manager
Rachael Duffy - Senior Designer
Rachel Farrow - Director of Marketing
Michelle Gish - Senior Designer
Edgar Gonzalez - Warehouse Manager
Stephanie Holt - National Account Manager
Brandon Holzhauer - Accounting Assistant
Jack Houser - Product Designer
Xusan (Sean) Jiao - Accounting Manager
Alexandra Marderosian - Consumer Marketing Specialist
Dymonique McCleese - Operations Specialist
Dana Menditto - Art Director
Kelly Montanio - Director of Product Development
Alek Neal - Operations Specialist
Craig Parrillo - Product Designer
Vicki Petroski - Accounting Manager
Nick Prendergast - Accounting Specialist
AnneMarie Reed - Senior Account Manager
Regan Santiago - Human Resources Specialist
Samantha Schechter - Senior Designer
Varun Sunil - Accounting Specialist
Matt Volk - Sampling Department Specialist
Sharon Ward - Senior Accountant