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Tiny Minds Toolbox


About Tiny Minds Toolbox™

The teacher-centric minds at WeVeel and Scentos® know the pressures on teachers,  parents and grandparents to maximize opportunities for learning in and out of the classroom. To assist teachers and families, WeVeel and Scentos® have created the Tiny Minds Toolbox , where you can find hand selected boxes of Scentos® markers that are perfect for the classroom, home schooling and daily activities, along with free downloadable coloring sheets and additional products that we have specially bundled at an outstanding price for your enjoyment.

Just as kids grow, our Tiny Minds Toolbox program will continue to grow in the months and years to come. The WeVeel and Scentos® teams are working with educators to create new products, activities and updates on a national scale to help our favorite little brains and hearts grow as we grow with them.

Our Tiny Minds Toolbox collection of Scentos® products will expand and we encourage you to click on the links below to learn more about our Tiny Minds Toolbox program, who we are at WeVeel and Scentos®, along with our free downloadable coloring sheets and activities.